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Ginger Turmeric Tea

This is a simple recipe to make ginger turmeric tea. This version does not have any sugar. If you take any medications, please consult your...

Zucchini Bread

Banana Bread



Doctor’s Tips to Boost Immune System for Cough

When our 3-year-old just finished his antibiotic regiment for pneumonia, our doctor told us that it would probably take 10 days for him to...


Asian Style Baked Fish

Asian Style Baked Fish An Asian inspired baked fish taken from Wok and Skillet ( that will satisfy a craving for Chinese steamed fish. The...

Baked Sweet Potato

Ginger Turmeric Tea

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Future Project: Enclosing the Back Porch

One future project that I can think of right now is to expand the interior space a little bit by enclosing our old porch...

Slab Leak in the House

The biggest lesson to learn here is to never put off your home repair for too long or even to make the decisions. We...

Creative Christmas Cards Display Idea

As we live in a tiny home, I was thinking about some ideas on how to display Christmas cards without needing much space. I've...


First Home

Feeling grateful that we had finally got our first home and I just want to capture the memory a bit so we can refer...

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