Inn at Morro Bay Review

Inn at Morro Bay's Bayview Deck

If you’re looking for hotels in Morro Bay area, make sure you check out the Inn at Morro Bay. Located a bit outside the seaside town Embarcadero Marketplace, it’s right by the ocean inside the Morro Bay State Park.

Surrounded by 4,000 acres of protected land while still in a very close proximity to the downtown area. Consequently, it is a bit quieter than other inns in the center of the seaside town. Based on what I’ve seen from my research, the Inn at Morro Bay is one of the better alternatives among other Morro Bay hotels.

Reservation and Check-In

You can make a reservation from most of the popular travel websites. Checking in is also very easy, the front desk can give you all the information you need including the map to the seaside town area and various local attractions.


Upon entering our room, there’s a desk on the left side of what looks to be a separate study area, which leads to the main area of the room itself.

Inn at Morro Bay's Older Study Desk
Study desk

Inn at Morro Bay Old Room Chairs

The rustic styled room feels old, but it’s clean and cozy. What’s interesting here is, as we found out later, each room is actually designed a bit different from the others. So you might have a different impression (good or bad) of the inn depending on which room you get.

This room we got was considerably larger than all other rooms we saw although they have the same price. As it is on the second floor, it has a big balcony that overlooks the pool and jacuzzi.

Inn at Morro Bay Balcony
Bay view from the balcony

The room also has a wall heater in addition to the standard fireplace. The downside though, the fireplace looks a bit old and still uses regular chain mail curtain that can’t be completely closed.

Inn at Morro Bay's Old Fireplace
Old fireplace

Next to the fireplace is an on and off switch for the fireplace itself, however as it does not have a thermostat, you cannot control the temperature in the room. You also see pilot light burning in the fireplace, so again with young children in mind, this can be a safety issue.

I have a feeling they might replace this older system pretty soon though. But it’s good to be aware what’s available.

The additional wall heater is very small and not enough to keep the room warm in the winter. You’ve got to use the fireplace which can be too bright and flickering when you’re trying to sleep. This may not be a disadvantage to some, but I regretted not bringing a portable heater.

Newer Room

On the other side of the inn, the rooms are newer but smaller. The smaller room makes it even cozier than its larger counterparts, but as you can see from the picture, there’s only one chair next to the bed.

Inn at Morro Bay's New Room

The fireplace is covered by glass and can be controlled by a thermostat where it will turn on and off itself according to the desired temperature. This is an advantage as the smaller room gets warm pretty fast.

Inn at Morro Bay New Fireplace
New fireplace

If you need the room to be warm faster there’s also a switch to turn on a fan on top of the fireplace. What it does is it blows the heat out to the room so it spreads out faster and retains the heat longer even after the fireplace is turned off.

The fan makes a loud noise that can be intrusive for the quiet getaway from the city that you’re looking for though. Of all people in our travel groups who got these rooms, none of them used the fan because the room was warm enough without it.

Inn at Morro Bay King Bed
Room with a King Bed

The other plus side of the newer room, the fireplace doesn’t flicker as much, probably because the fire is not as big as the older one, although it’s much warmer than the big old room.

Inn at Morro Bay Patio
View from the patio

The down side of this room is since it’s on the first floor, there’s not much to see from the patio.


There’s a couple of inconsistencies we found from travel and booking websites regarding the amenities. First, the wi-fi access. Contrary to what’s advertised, the wi-fi is actually free not only in public area, but also in the room. Having said that though you might want to consider the security risk of using it since you can connect to the wi-fi without even using a password.

Another inconsistency we found from what’s listed on several travel websites is that none of the rooms we stayed in had any refrigerators. So if you are travelling with your little one who needs daily supply of milk you might want to bring an ice chest cooler. Fortunately for us, we visited during the winter time and we could just leave the milk on the balcony outside the bedroom in an ice bucket.


  • Spacious and cozy room.
  • Fireplace.
  • Free outdoor parking.
  • Free Wi-fi.
  • Deck and terrace to see the Morro Rock and point vista.
  • Pet friendly policy. You can bring your pet up to certain weight limit. Call them for details.
  • Just like any other hotel, the front desk is available 24-hours if you ever need anything.


  • No elevator. If you have heavy luggage and your room is on the second floor, you have to carry it yourself using the stairs.
  • No refrigerator and no microwave in the room.
  • No AC. Not a problem in the winter, it was freezing. While we have no experience on this be aware that some people complained that the room can be a bit hot in the summer.
  • No heated pool, this was directly communicated to us during our check-in. Only the jacuzzi was heated.
  • The continental breakfast can certainly be improved, especially since it’s not free.
  • Might be temporary, as this Morro Bay inn is still going through a renovation. The owners, Pacifica Host Hotels is investing almost two million dollars for upgrades and improvements to their food and beverage facilities, lobby and public space. As such, there’s a few areas that are not publicly accessible and you can see some areas under constructions that may disrupt your stay. For us, we spent most of our days outside the Inn and in the evening it was actually very quiet so it wasn’t really a problem.
  • Some under the sink cabinet doors were loose causing it to fall when opened.

Things to do in Morro Bay

Aside from Morro Bay State Park, which has an 18-hole golf course, the inn is close to the seaside town of Morro Bay. The touristy town has many restaurants and boat tours. It’s only 15 minutes away from San Luis Obispo and 20 minutes from Pismo Beach, which offer more varieties of restaurants and other things to do. You can also do hiking and kayaking around the area. If all these things don’t seem to be enough, you can always explore Hearst Castle, which is only 45 minutes away. And of course, you can drive straight to the Morro Rock.

Overall, I think the Inn at Morro Bay is good when you want to stay in a more secluded area from the crowded seaside town but not wanting to miss the local attractions at the same time since it’s only a 5-minute drive away.

Hotel Info

The Inn at Morro Bay

60 State Park Road
Morro Bay, CA 93442

Phone: (800) 321-9566

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